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Tuesday Night Club Ride: Anniversary Night Edition

Mrs. Bgddy was able to ride last night so I decided to ride with her no matter what.  It was our anniversary ride, after all.

The weather was not helpful.  Cool, not even room temperature, cloudy and windy…. I want to write that it was ugly, but that’s not quite right, it wasn’t raining.  That said, it was an arm and knee warmer evening – and I was still a little chilly when we started out.

One of the more difficult aspects to pick up in group rides is where to ride in the pack when the wind kicks up, especially if you’re riding with a group fast enough you have to hide to stay with them. Mrs. Bgddy, being awesome, hates to put someone else behind in a bad position so, like her husband, she chooses a bad position instead.

And she pays for it. Last night, we paid for it. After just five miles we were off the back. We had a lot of wind to fight too, before we got to a tailwind.

A friend whom I’ve written about now and again, Big Joe ended up going with us and he and I took turns leading our little rabble through the twelve miles until we hit the tailwind.  At that point, we only had to worry about the hills.  On the way up the first hill I pulled up alongside Joe and said that I’d let him take the lead on the hills…  I climb a whole lot faster than he does and I wanted to let him control the pace so I didn’t blow him up on the inclines.

For those who know me or have read this blog for any length of time, you might get the impression that I was perturbed with getting dropped so soon.  Even my wife couldn’t get over the fact that I wasn’t a little displeased.  Truth be told, I wasn’t.  It was our anniversary night and I decided early on that no matter what, I’d be hanging with my wife.  All I worried about was doing my best to get her around the course.

The head and crosswind sections were miserable but once we cleared those and got into the tailwind portion of the ride, we were able to let loose a little bit.  In the end, as under the weather as I was feeling at the start, I’m quite glad that we had an easier ride last night.  I was really in no mood to push it anyway (can’t decide if it’s an actual cold or just allergies…  Feels like the latter).

We went out to dinner with our friends, afterward and capped the night off watching the Tigers win in the 10th…  My wife and I had a fantastic evening, a true celebration of our marriage.


  1. fastk9dad says:

    Glad to hear you have a good ride. I heard on the news this morning a group of cyclists were hit by a pickup in Michigan on Tuesday evening and I thought about you guys.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks brother, other side of the State (west side). Fortunately, other than being beaten up by the wind, we all got back okay last night.

  2. LesH says:

    I came here to check on you because I heard the news about that accident too Jim. Glad you are all all right. I wish you a belated happy anniversary. Being able to ride with your spouse is truly the best; all I want to do when I’m retired. My anniversary is today (25 years, wow) and all my husband and I want to do tonight is ride. Connecticut weather, however, has other plans. So I am just sitting here feeling gratitude that I was lucky enough to meet my husband all those years ago. If circumstances hadn’t been just so, I might have missed him on our separate paths.

  3. Great stuff! You both obviously made the right choice.

    Apparently it was not a good night to be riding in Michigan.

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