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Cycling with Allergies: I Feel Good Enough to Not Let How Bad I Feel Keep Me from Riding.


I went for a ride yesterday afternoon.  I felt like crap.  Happens every year around this time.  I get back from a ride and my nose is running and my eyes itch so bad I actually think about scratching them.  With a fork.

Two days later, I swear to God, I managed to catch a cold too.  I didn’t, actually, it just feels like it.  I think.

I went for a ride anyway, when I got home.  I felt good enough to not care how bad I felt.

It started out easy enough.  I thought to myself, “Dude (yes, I have a melon committee member who refers to me as “dude”), who cares about speed?  You feel like you got run over by a small bear.  I was at 16 mph, into a cross headwind.  Then 17.  Man, that wind was strong.  18.  “Okay, maybe keep it at 17.  Just take it easy, dude.”  19.  “Okay, 18.  Down in the drops, yeah, that’s the ticket.”

Then I turned west.  “Crap, there’s the wind.”  17… 18…  “Geez, just quit looking at the stupid computer.”

“Dude, stop looking at the computer.”

Detour.  Train tracks are being fixed.  Alternate route acquired.  Back into the wind. Damned wind.

Fast forward three miles and I’m heading west with a tailwind. Now it’s fun. 21. Uphill. Downhill, red light. Stop and start again. 24… 25… 26.

Fast forward to the the last mile of my one our ride and I’m feeling a lot better. I can finally feel the funk burning off.

I pull into the driveway with a little more than 17 miles, expecting to see 1:01-ish. 55:56. Cool. A little faster than expected.

I hate allergy season. Still, it could be worse. I can remember a time when I wasn’t so active and hay fever season would hit me like a train.

UPDATE: I wrote this post yesterday. I woke up this morning, finally feeling much better. I can actually breathe without having to keep my mouth open. Finally!

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