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Proof Avails Itself: Vehicle vs. Bicycle Fatalities Will Never Be Totally Eradicated


The other day I wrote the following:

First, let me say this: There will never be a total end to motorist/cyclist accidents until we have driverless cars – and even then I can’t imagine they’d be effectively eliminated…

I am a brilliant prognosticator.  Not even two days later:

Mackinac Island, Michigan.

A 79 year-old woman was killed when she rode her bicycle into and as a result, underneath a horse drawn buggy.  Now, the linked report differs from the report I heard on the radio and I don’t know which report is right.  That said…

This actually goes to a point I made later in that post. Simply stated, the only way we can effectively eliminate all cycling/vehicle deaths is to eliminate bicycles and vehicles altogether.

This would be impractical and stupid so I’m heading to Las Vegas to place bets on it being proposed by politicians within a month.

While there is little humor in death, writing this post would be much easier if the woman simply ended up with a sprained wrist, bad things do happen to good people and legislation that attempts to stop bad things happening as a reaction, kills freedom in the process.  In this case, you’d actually have to ban horses too.

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.



  1. rennrad says:

    for the matter of stats (and if what the link informs is right), we could say that was bad luck. in my opinion hit and run situations and cases like the one above should be analysed differently. (the sad thing is that here in Brazil you can rest assured that you will never do jail time (even if you are DUI) if you kill someone in a traffic incident. normally the sentence is converted to meaningless social services…)

  2. Dan says:

    Then there’s the tragedy in Kalamazoo……

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