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Headsweats and cycling caps: An end to sweat in one’s eyes and off of the sunglasses.

A post I just read got me to thinking about a change I made earlier this year.  I didn’t make much of a big deal about it but my cycling life has been made infinitely more enjoyable for it.

I started wearing a Headsweats cap or a cycling cap every time I ride.

It started last year with what my buddy, Mike calls my goombah hat which was purchased at the Horsey Hundred because I’m proud of my WOP heritage.  Then I bought a Headsweats bandana for cooler weather.  I bought another cycling cap and one more bandana a few weeks ago…


As you can see, with the exception of my goombah cap, everything matches my road bikes. ‘Tis as it should be.
Now, quickly to fix the Italia cap issue, I bought a kit to match the cap and my bikes. Brilliant.
As you can see in the photo above, I’m wearing the black and red bandana. They’re excellent for keeping the sweat out of my eyes and off of my glasses. Not only that, and the sweat issue is worth it alone, I don’t worry about bees getting into my helmet anymore.

I have struggled for years with sweat on my shades, especially with longer distances, because I wanted to feel the wind on my melon. I dealt with bees, at least one or two a week, because I thought the cap or bandana options would overheat me…

I was wrong about overheating, and wrong enough that I no longer care about feeling the breeze through my hair. Both the cycling caps and bandanas absorb sweat and the breeze cools the cover.

Now, with the cycling caps which I dig, I have to go with the brim up. Even though the brim down looks cooler, I simply can’t stand the brim blocking my vision. I ride in an aggressive enough position that the brim makes looking down the road difficult and no amount of cool is worth that.

I am all about long, fast miles and I like them as comfortable as possible. Being cooler and able to see add a lot of comfort to something that isn’t meant to be easy.


  1. fastk9dad says:

    I’ve been wearing a Headsweats headband for over a year now. It does a real good job at keeping the sweat at bay and I still feel a breeze through my hair. 😉 I have been curious to try one of their bandanas but not sure what it would add (I don’t seem to have an issue with bee’s).

    • bgddyjim says:

      I get pummeled by bees and because I’m allergic, it makes for spooky riding sometimes. On the other hand, I can remove my helmet, let the offending bee go and replace my cover, clipping the strap, at 20-ish mph without getting dropped… The bandana is quite nice because it catches all of the sweat from my melon so my whole head feels air conditioned. It’s quite the opposite I was expecting.

  2. I’m pretty sure that you still have bees in your Specialized bonnet.

  3. Sheree says:

    I always ride with a bandanna under my helmet, even in the winter. It’s the only way I can keep the sweat, and my hair, outa my eyes.

  4. MJ Ray says:

    Most helmet manuals tell you not to wear anything under them. Doing so seems like you get all of the drawbacks of helmets and potentially undermine the little protection they offer. Is there a helmet out there that says it’s OK to wear stuff under it?

    • bgddyjim says:

      First, anyone in the professional field of caring for injuries sustained by cyclists and bike riders alike know that it is far better to wear a helmet than not. Ask your doctor next time you head in for a physical, he’ll set you straight – but we don’t even need to get into that. You’re misreading the intent behind “don’t wear anything underneath your helmet”. Here is the full statement: “Do not wear anything underneath your helmet, such as a cap, hood,
      bundled hair, headphones, barrettes, as the helmet may loosen or come
      off. Do not wear anyone else’s helmet and don’t loan your
      helmet to anyone else.”

      Headsweats, a lightweight tech material and properly fitted cycling caps are an exception to the rule because they are snuggly fitted to the head, therefore the helmet will not come loose or fall off in the same way it could if one were wearing a sweatshirt hood under the helmet. I appreciate your points but in some instances extra measures are necessary. For instance, I am allergic to bees and horseflies. If I get hit by one, I become discombobulated. Therefore, it makes sense to protect against bee stings and when you travel at the speeds I do, getting a bee in the helmet is a common occurrence.

      All factors understood and taken into account, wearing a cycling specific cap or cover under a helmet is not technically breaking spirit of the warning. In fact, taking Specialized as an example because that’s what I use exclusively, they make several cold weather caps that are meant to be worn under the helmet. If one could took the note on the manual literally, then making the caps would fly in the face of their own suggestions. In other words, you’re reading too much into it.

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