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Three Months into the Cycling Season, Fit, In Recovery.

2016 has been an interesting season so far.  I’m almost 600 miles up, this year over last’s personal best of 7,500 miles.  I feel good, strong, and am quite pleased. 

I started out the season a lot heavier that I’d intended but I’ve dropped all of the weight and am starting to feel a little better in my skin.  It does bother me that I didn’t handle the off-season better but I fixed it.  This error in eating will be rectified though.  I much prefer going into the season with a more sporty fisique. 

My bikes, both road bikes and our tandem are slammin’ and operating well, after a few early season glitches were sorted out.

Our group, call us the B group, of which there are ten or twelve, including my wife, is in fine form and working well together. We are cranking out some excellent miles at decent paces. I wouldn’t say we are at mid-season form but we’re within shouting distance and that’s what July is for anyway.
The important cog in this cassette is that I’m having more fun than ever with cycling. It seems I’ve got a better balance this year than years past. Cycling is great but I’m taking better care of my marriage and work. I’m riding later in the evening during the weekdays so I can actually let the voicemail do its job. This means I get to enjoy my time on the road a lot more.


This year’s Horsey Hundred was even more enjoyable than last, which I didn’t think would be possible. Many more laughs, good times and an order of magnitude more ice cream. Oh, and we were a full mile an hour faster over the hundred and my wife did the 53 mile Sunday with the group, almost two miles an hour faster than we did the 35 miler last year. To say she’s come a long way is an epic understatement – and I’m not misusing “epic”.
Then there is our new tandem. A steel framed Co-Motion road bike tandem that’s both fast and comfortable. There is a weight penalty but it’s still got some free speed in it. Well, it wasn’t “free”, it cost more than my Venge did but it is fun. The tandem was, without doubt, a fantastic idea. At first we had a tough time getting the working together part down, mainly because we only had one test ride in before we jumped into a 40 mile group ride. This was probably way too much too soon, but it all worked out in the end so I’m calling it good. Besides, when it comes to a bicycle, I don’t do anything small.
So, not even mid-way through the season and our future is so bright, we wear shades. Life, a fit life, in recovery, is good.

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