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Proper Post-ride Refueling, Medium Rare.


Vegans and vegetarians need not read any further.  I refuel the proper way, and soy-based, tasteless, rubber substitutes ain’t it.

Everyone knows your muscle rebuilding nutrient is protein.  You can kid yourself by wishing you can get enough protein through beans, nuts and twigs (and I’ll even let you – no skin off my back).  I suppose it would be possible if one were say, walking, but if one gets into something like avid enthusiast cycling, where you’re riding at more than 10 mph, good luck.  Either way, you cannot hope to get close to enough iron.  Without a balanced diet one needs a factory made, chemically concocted, processed pill.  I choose the organic route for my protein and iron.  And I get enough that my body throws a protein/iron party.

Imagine my muscles sitting around a table talking back and forth to each other…

TRICEPS:  “Dude!  Look at all of this PROTEIN!”

GLUTES:  “You go ahead there pecs, I’m stuffed.”

PECS:  “Are you kidding?!  Pass me a toothpick, brah.  I’m good.”

CALF 1:  “Damn, I feel awesome…  You think we can talk him into 20 more miles?”

CALF 2:  “I know, dog…  I think he has to digest some of that spinach and those cucumbers yet though.”

QUADS:  “Just hold it down, you two.  You better rest up cuz we’re kickin’ your ass tomorrow.”

And it just kind of goes on like that. See, I’m into eating sustainable, non-processed, real food…


Yes, that’s a full-size grill.  With two massive hunks of cow on it.  This is what dinner at my house looks like…


I opted for the Ken’s Steakhouse Italian because, well ranch just doesn’t get it with steak.  Just so you’re aware, that is a slightly red perfect medium.  Not quite medium rare, but close.  The cow was locally grown…  I could give you all of the classifications that people like to throw at meat nowadays but I can keep it simple.  I knew the cow’s name.  My buddy Mike hand fed it apples last fall.

The asparagus was locally grown and grilled with fresh pressed garlic (also local) and olive oil.  It’s then topped off with fresh squeezed lemon juice.  It’s amazing.

The salad fixings were purchased at the grocery store.  After they were “processed” by farm equipment.

That dinner is why I rarely buy a steak when we go out to dinner anymore.   Mine tastes better – and I don’t have to order a perfect medium only to have a medium-well steak plopped down in front of me.  Don’t even get me started on that rant…

Now, you may notice there are no carbs with that dinner, well other than croutons…  Tomorrow is a recovery ride.  I didn’t need the carbs.



  1. Gail says:

    My husband read this and did a slow clap while nodding his head emphatically!

  2. MJ Ray says:

    Yeah, no iron in dark greens and pulses and they don’t taste of anything either – much better to have a lump of leather innards(!)

    I’m not vegetarian but also not a big red meat fan and really don’t understand carb evaders.

    • bgddyjim says:

      That’s okay, I won’t hold it against you.

      Technically you’re only eating the muscle. The innards are the guts and the leather is the skin. Sup, brah?

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