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Another Beautiful Morning for a Bike Ride…


It’s 59 perfectly calm degrees.  Literally no wind.  By the time we’re done it’ll be 81 with a 3-4 mile an hour tailwind.

A nice lunch out, a shower and we’ll call it a day. 

For dinner last night, I grilled burgers and hot dogs, Chuck made some phenomenal grilled asparagus, we had mac and cheese, green beans.  We capped that off with a cup of coffee and four Oreos with a cup of milk.

I’ve read a lot about diets over my blogging career and not a one looked like that. I truly love a diet of more miles. It always beats actually watching what I eat.

I can’t out-ride a bad diet… but I can definitely out-ride a good one, even with a few Oreos on top.


More later…


  1. James L says:

    Agree with you there, I love eating too much, much rather do more work even if it is counter productive!

  2. Nice! Now, what would make it an even better day is some SINGLETRACK!!!!

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