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To the People of the UK: I’m going to lose a lot of money today but your freedom is worth it.

I never would have guessed that the people of the UK would extirpate the bureaucracy that is the EU, for their freedom.  You will understand, in time, where we were 240 years ago.

My friends, I am going to lose a lot of money today, because of that vote.

Your freedom is worth it.

Look, I don’t know anything about what’s going on over there, but the way I’m seeing this played out, this is a repudiation of political bureaucracy.  A shedding of the EU’s repugnant rules and regulation handed down by the powers that be outside of your own country. 

Of course the bureaucrats are going to waive their hands in the air and scream from their perch on high, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”!  They always do when their grip on power and endless money is threatened. 

The truth is simple.  Bureaucrats, to justify their existence and worth, eventually overreach their welcome.  In a bid to be all things to all people, they end up losing sight of being useful to those they’re beholden to in the first place.

As to whether or not it was the right thing to do, I have no opinion. It’s what you did. I hope it works out well for you.

When in Doubt, Bonus Miles.

Mrs. Bgddy was unnecessarily worried about how Tuesday night’s tandem ride with the club unfurled.  She wanted to ride with me Wednesday night, if just for a bit because she’d ridden earlier, but wouldn’t go so far as actually saying so.  Being the astute observer I am, especially when it comes to my best cycling bud, I missed it completely.  Fortunately once I’m beaten repeatedly about the head and shoulders, even I can sense something’s up.

My original plan was for my normal 16 mile route and Mrs. Bgddy wanted to ride with me for three of them giving her another six.  We bumped into Diane on the road though, so I figured we could go the other way and ride with Diane to her road.  We rode with her for five miles and that gave me almost 20 minutes on the way back to talk things over with my wife.  Bonus.

Works been pretty stressful lately.  I’ve been sleeping a little rough.  I’m just a little off….

When in doubt, bonus miles. 

Rather than just get my 16. When Mrs. Bgddy pulled off at 10 miles, I kept going and still did most of the route I’d originally planned on.

I ended up with an awesome 24 miles, unprecedented for a weeknight other than a Tuesday, and I actually managed to stay slow ending with a 17.4 mph average (1h:22:50).

I pulled into my driveway and all was right in my world.  A good ride on my bike never fails to deliver.

If you wondered what awesome looks like, that’s it.

UPDATE: I got another four bonus miles yesterday evening as well… 99 miles for the week, already – and we’ve got a nice long weekend planned as well.