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Not a Typical Month of Cycling…


I’m going to pass 1,000 miles on my bike for the month of June in about an hour and a half.  It took me 55 hours to get there, or just over an 18 mph average.  This includes all miles – recovery miles, fast miles and more than 170 of the toughest, hilliest miles I’ve ever ridden.

Do the math and it’s less than 2 hours a day, about 1:45 a day, average.  That’s not how I got there though, I don’t have that much time during the week to blow on a bike because, sadly, I have a job.  Or should I say, I haven’t found anyone crazy enough to give me a couple hundred grand a year to ride a bicycle.  Before I get into the breakdown, let add this:  I only took one day off this month.  That’s it, one day.  I’ve ridden every single day other than the day I took off so I could drive up to a two-day 170 mile cycling tour.  Also, I’ve only hit 1,000 miles two other times in the years I’ve been cycling (both last year) – and the second one, in September, was only because I did 385 miles in the first week of the month.  The first, August, was done because I ride so many stinkin’ centuries in August (one almost every weekend in the month).  This 1,000+ mile month was special because there was only one century the entire month, though I still hit a lot of long miles on the weekends, usually between 50 and 75 miles each day.

While I love the long mileage days (especially anything between 60 and 75 miles), I rarely put in more than an hour a day into cycling during the week (Tuesdays are the exception – 2 hours for the club ride).  My trick this past month was to go decently long on both weekend days.  Other than 40 mile Tuesdays and 110-175 mile weekends, I’m only riding 16-20 miles a day (that’s 50m – 1h:05m a day).

In other words, my fitness is relatively easy to fit into my schedule, and I’m a nut.  Wait, I think they call us “avid enthusiasts”.

If you think I’m nuts, I’m okay with that.  If you don’t think I ride enough, well try coming out of retirement and properly tending to your family before you start slinging mud.  On the other side of that, if you’re thinking “I can’t do that”, relax…  I didn’t think I could either, especially when 100 miles in a week was a lot.  I would suggest you not sweat it and do your best.  I am sure surprised where my best took me.

Ride hard my friends.



  1. Kecia says:

    Over 1000 miles in a month is awesome! Long weekend rides definitely help build the mileage…I think you should shoot for 1500 miles for next month 😉

  2. If you find someone willing to give you $100k+ per year to cycle can you please drop my name as well haha…another great post brother. My MPH right now is about 16 and I’m averaging 500 miles/month. This was great motivation to do more!

  3. Brittany says:

    I think your enthusiasm is great! More people should have such a desire for keeping fit.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks Brittany. Your comment got me started on an interesting line of thought that should make for a funny post… I thought, now do I have an enthusiasm for keeping fit, or is it an enthusiasm for keeping my ability to eat Pizza? Now THAT’S a question! Chuckle.

  4. Manu Stanley says:

    Congrats brother, you inspire me 🙂

  5. Shell says:

    That’s amazing! I would love to have the discipline and energy to do all that!! Following to watch your progress 🙂

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