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Tuesday Night Club Ride: The Perfect B Group Ride…


Sometimes a good idea needs a little chance, maybe call it fate, a nudge, to get started.

Matt had a flat when he pulled his bike out of his car and he was late getting started so I simply shooed the A guys at five after six.  At first they paused and said they’d wait.  I emplored them, seriously, go guys… we’ll be okay. Someone shouted from the back, “Yeah, you’re gonna drop us anyway!”  And with that they rolled out… 

There were twice as many of us as there were of them.

We started out fairly easy at 19 mph but we built up quickly and had a decent 21-22 mph pace heading into the north wind.  I didn’t think twice about taking a turn up front, never struggled to latch back on after a turn, the neutral zones actually worked, and I rarely felt taxed enough to go all the way to the back.

It was a perfect ride.  We all, including Mrs. Bgddy, finished as a group, I did more than my fair share and I had a big smile on my face the whole way.

I did not take the sprint.  Even my wife beat me to the line.  I handled the lead out.  Sometimes you’re the sprinter, sometimes you’re the lead out.  I was perfectly happy with it.

We all laughed and shared fist bumps after the ride – and we all agreed this is the better way to enjoy a Tuesday night.

The B Group is born.

Oh, and we finished just shy of a 21 mph average.  We actually finished faster than if we’d started with the racers, done the whole 30 mph thing, and gotten spread out and dropped along the route.  More than 29 miles in 1h:22m.

Dinner at the Cafe was extra good last night.  I even had a butter-pecan ice cream cone to celebrate. Well, that’s the excuse I’m sticking with, anyway.


  1. The things we learn with time

  2. I really need a group like this to ride with.

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