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A Brilliant Way to Dress Up a Helmet to Match the Bike…

A little helmet flourish –


Loving the Workout…

It’s 3:55 am.  I roll over and look at the clock on my phone after hitting the button to light it up…  Sweet!  I can wake up!  

If I drink my two cups of coffee at least two hours before I ride, I’ll only have to stop once during our three hour, sixty mile ride.  

I live for the 100k rides.  They’re just long enough to hurt and short enough that I won’t have to ride into “the wall”. I’ve got three of those in a row over the next three days.

I’ve been cycling for five years and I still can’t wait for ride time.  I can’t wait to get my bike on the road.  While it’s not about the bike (I’d be just as excited to get out and ride if I only had my 5200), it is about the bike, too.  My Specialized Venge is ridiculously fun to ride.  

This is the way I’d always hoped keeping fit would be.  All of those days at the gym as a young man, hating it but doing it anyway.  All of those days running, where it was more “have to” than “want to”….  I love that today, it’s all “want to”.  

Whether it’s a 20 mile weeknight ride on the tandem with my wife, the club ride, a camping weekend with my friends, wife and the kids, or a weekend training ride with my wife and friends, my enjoyment of cycling makes every ride matter… and that’s a great way to stay fit.

Let the weekend begin!  Ride hard my friends.