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Tour de France and POC Helmets.

How did team Cannondale’s conversation go?

“M’kay, we’ve got the typical Cannondale cool green kit.  Now let’s work on the dome cover.”

“Hey, how about a POC lid?  Let’s go with yellow, one that’s too fat and makes our riders look like they’re riding in a Super Mario Brothers video game….”

“You mean a dome cover that makes our guys look like they’re wearing a mushroom top on their heads?!  BRILLIANT!


Normally I try to reserve my personal opinion because I know what I think does not matter, not even a little bit.  In the case of this monstrosity of a helmet, I feel pretty safe though.

The POC dome cover is, inarguably, the ugliest helmet on the planet.  It’s so ugly, it’s actually impossible to look cool wearing the lid.  Marcel Kittel, arguably the prettiest cyclist in the peloton, couldn’t look good in that helmet.  It’s that impossible.

Humorously, that stupid lid costs better than $240.  Dude, my daughter, when she was five, had a Finding Nemo helmet that was cooler than the POC dome.  Seriously.

After seeing that helmet at the front all day in Stage One, I’m calling for renaming it the POC WTFWYT Aero Helmet (What The F*** Were You Thinking).

Damn, that’s one ugly melon protector.  It deserves its own Velominati rule.  Just sayin’. 


Cycling Art, the Easy Way…

Dude, photo editing software has come a long way!