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Daily Archives: July 4, 2016

The Best of Cycling Season…

I’m on cycling overload and it is good.  I am helping with the design for the shirts and caps for the Assenmacher 100, I’ve been riding the wheels off of my bike, I’ve been spending a veritable s#!+ ton of time with my wife, whilst cycling, and the Tour de France is on.  Oh, and in non-cycling related newsboy and the Olympic trials are going on as well…  In other words, this summer is freaking awesome.

In addition to all of the miles I’ve already put in, I’ve got a big ride coming up this weekend as well.  I could hardly believe it but for the first four days of July (technically 5 because I’ll get my miles in tonight barring something catastrophic), I’m on pace for a 1,500 mile month.  It won’t last but for another day but I never would expect that pace to hold.  It’s simply too much for a working guy with a family.

That said, after a little bit of consternation on the scale, I’m starting to tighten up a little bit on the belt line.  I finally had to tighten my belt.

All things considered, this is a fantastic season so far – and I’m only half-way through.  Good times.



Happy Independence Day!

We’ve got a full day of celebrating ahead.  Swimming, a big dinner, dessert, and fireworks…  Oh, and noodle salad will be in there somewhere.  Obviously. 

Three days, 184 miles.  

Feeling the Mileage…

My wife and I headed out with our closest friends, Diane and Adam, Matt and Mike yesterday morning.  A cool start to the day, arm and knee warmers were a necessity at 7 am.  

While Mrs. Bgddy cut out early on Saturday and I stuck in for the full 61-1/2 miles (Carla and I actually added on four miles so we could make it more than 60), she hung in all day yesterday.  So yesterday’s ride was two long rides in a row.  Today will make three, a full 100k.  For my wife, the bigger story of the two, that’ll be almost 12o miles in two days – a huge leap for her.

Saturday’s ride was good, just shy of 19 mph average, but yesterday’s was a little better.  I’ve been able to spend a ton of time up front and while that changed a little with Adam and Diane on their tandem, Mike and I did spend quite a bit of time up front, either talking with them or directly creating a draft for the tandem.  Tandems are funny that way.  A single bike doesn’t create enough of a hole for a tandem.  Not only that, because tandems are tougher to accelerate it’s really tough to hold a decent wheel.  Add a second bike though, and as long as those two understand tandems, together they punch enough of a hole in the air for the tandem to get a good draft.

We ended up with just under 57-3/4 miles.  After a great brunch and a nap, my wife and I played a game outside with the kids.  Then we had a water gun fight followed by a massive grilled pork steak, green bean, spinach salad and noodle salad dinner.

Follow that up with a cup of coffee and I’m on the couch watching the Tour…  I can really feel it in my legs.  While I’m not exactly hurting, I can feel the miles… and I’ve got a 100k tomorrow and the club ride to look forward to on Tuesday. 

All told, that’ll be 220 miles, give or take, in four days.  

This is a great warm-up for DALMAC, just two months away, and while I am feeling it a bit, I’m definitely happy with how I’m handling all of the miles.  Of course, I’m ecstatic that I’m able to do all of this in the first place.