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Feeling the Mileage…

July 2016
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My wife and I headed out with our closest friends, Diane and Adam, Matt and Mike yesterday morning.  A cool start to the day, arm and knee warmers were a necessity at 7 am.  

While Mrs. Bgddy cut out early on Saturday and I stuck in for the full 61-1/2 miles (Carla and I actually added on four miles so we could make it more than 60), she hung in all day yesterday.  So yesterday’s ride was two long rides in a row.  Today will make three, a full 100k.  For my wife, the bigger story of the two, that’ll be almost 12o miles in two days – a huge leap for her.

Saturday’s ride was good, just shy of 19 mph average, but yesterday’s was a little better.  I’ve been able to spend a ton of time up front and while that changed a little with Adam and Diane on their tandem, Mike and I did spend quite a bit of time up front, either talking with them or directly creating a draft for the tandem.  Tandems are funny that way.  A single bike doesn’t create enough of a hole for a tandem.  Not only that, because tandems are tougher to accelerate it’s really tough to hold a decent wheel.  Add a second bike though, and as long as those two understand tandems, together they punch enough of a hole in the air for the tandem to get a good draft.

We ended up with just under 57-3/4 miles.  After a great brunch and a nap, my wife and I played a game outside with the kids.  Then we had a water gun fight followed by a massive grilled pork steak, green bean, spinach salad and noodle salad dinner.

Follow that up with a cup of coffee and I’m on the couch watching the Tour…  I can really feel it in my legs.  While I’m not exactly hurting, I can feel the miles… and I’ve got a 100k tomorrow and the club ride to look forward to on Tuesday. 

All told, that’ll be 220 miles, give or take, in four days.  

This is a great warm-up for DALMAC, just two months away, and while I am feeling it a bit, I’m definitely happy with how I’m handling all of the miles.  Of course, I’m ecstatic that I’m able to do all of this in the first place.


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