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We Interrupt this Cycling Streak with Thunderstorms

July 2016
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The last day I took off from cycling was June 16th.  We packed up and headed “Up North” for the Northwest Tour.  I could have ridden that day but it would have meant a later start on the traffic and arriving at our destination (and setting up) in the dark.  Instead, we had just enough light to get everything together in the last vestiges of the dwindling evening light.

Sixteen days in a row.  Normally I’ve got a great plan to balance the hard efforts with the easy so that even though I’m on the bike every day, I only spend three days a week cranking out hard, long miles (Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday)…  Except when we run into a Holiday weekend like last weekend.  I’ve ridden, since our easy Friday ride of 25 miles, hard over the last four – 61 miles, 57 miles, 65 miles and then 37 last evening.

Put simply my friends, I’m smoked.  In a good way though.

The forecast for the rest of the week is for hot, stormy weather though so I’m likely to finally get a day off squeezed in there somewhere.  Today it looks like I’ll be riding with my wife on the tandem as the showers are supposed to end well before I get home around 5, but we’ve got storms in the forecast all the way through Friday.  One, or more, of those storms is bound to hit in the evening when I do my riding…. I hope!

Stay tuned for this afternoon’s post (4 pm EST) where I’ll be outlining a very interesting conundrum and asking for suggestions on solutions…





  1. rennrad says:

    when i was training more consistently i used to do like this: monday off, tue-thu with workouts (outdoors or indoors on a trainer), friday for a recovery ride, group riding on saturdays and climbing on sundays. (and not to mention some 24-25 km per day for my commuting to work.)

    mr. carmichael’s traing program wasn’t that bad… now i’d be more in tune with the time-crunched program (based almost entirely on HIIT workouts), but… i’m still getting back together with the idea of training – right now black diamond is working as my way of transportation. 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      I’m not all that different. Monday is an easy day, Tuesday is the club ride (hard), Wednesday is medium (with my wife), as is Friday. Saturday and Sunday are both good, solid efforts.

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