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Fit Recovery’s Cycling Dictionary: The Definition of Cross-train

You ever wonder if cross-training should be all one word, two words, or hyphenated?  Personally I have no idea myself but in this case hyphenated makes sense, so I’m rolling with it.

The Fit Recovery Cycling Dictionary defines the word cross-train thusly:


intransitive verb

:  to choose the mountain bike over the road bike on what is clearly a road day.  Vice-versa.

“I was going to ride a century tomorrow but I need to shake things up so I’m going to cross-train.”

The word “cross-train” means many things to many people.  When used during a conversation with your cycling friends, it only means one thing during the spring, summer or early fall months.  This is road season.  During the late fall months, the word changes meaning all on its own:  to choose the road bike over the mountain bike.

If one becomes discombobulated on which is the correct bike to choose and which version of “cross-train” is acceptable, talk about the weight or awesomeness of your bike.  See also the Webster definition of “distraction


Some Days are Tailor made for a Day Off

Some days are tailor made for a day off and yesterday was one for me. I’ve had a fairly busy season so far…  Since May 1, I’d had only four days off of the bike – I was just shy of a thousand miles in May (920) and over the thousand mark in June (1,020).  I just did some math on that…  My average ride for the weekdays in both months was 22 miles, so I obviously had some making up to do on the weekends because my average ride length in May was 29 miles a day and 34 miles a day for June.

After four hard days in a row I went for a ride with my wife on the tandem Wednesday, just an easy sixteen miler to spin the legs out, but come yesterday morning I was still feeling pretty sore.  Not only that, my brother is in town with his wife and kids and we hadn’t seen them in at least a few years – and I love being “Uncle Jim”…  It was also my birthday.

In other words, I had a busy schedule already and a day off wouldn’t hurt anyway, so I took it.

It’ll be right back at it though.  I’ll be riding short with my wife, maybe 18-ish miles, first thing this morning and then I’ve got One Helluva Ride tomorrow morning – 100 miles.  I don’t know what we’re riding on Sunday but if I had to guess it’ll be between 60 and 75 miles so I could still potentially end up with 300 miles for the week (probably closer to 280 but still, that’s an awesome week for a working guy – the July 4th 100k really boosted the mileage for the week).

More later.  Ride hard my friends…  I will.