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Some Days are Tailor made for a Day Off

July 2016
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Some days are tailor made for a day off and yesterday was one for me. I’ve had a fairly busy season so far…  Since May 1, I’d had only four days off of the bike – I was just shy of a thousand miles in May (920) and over the thousand mark in June (1,020).  I just did some math on that…  My average ride for the weekdays in both months was 22 miles, so I obviously had some making up to do on the weekends because my average ride length in May was 29 miles a day and 34 miles a day for June.

After four hard days in a row I went for a ride with my wife on the tandem Wednesday, just an easy sixteen miler to spin the legs out, but come yesterday morning I was still feeling pretty sore.  Not only that, my brother is in town with his wife and kids and we hadn’t seen them in at least a few years – and I love being “Uncle Jim”…  It was also my birthday.

In other words, I had a busy schedule already and a day off wouldn’t hurt anyway, so I took it.

It’ll be right back at it though.  I’ll be riding short with my wife, maybe 18-ish miles, first thing this morning and then I’ve got One Helluva Ride tomorrow morning – 100 miles.  I don’t know what we’re riding on Sunday but if I had to guess it’ll be between 60 and 75 miles so I could still potentially end up with 300 miles for the week (probably closer to 280 but still, that’s an awesome week for a working guy – the July 4th 100k really boosted the mileage for the week).

More later.  Ride hard my friends…  I will.



  1. I rode 200+ last week and had to take me a day off. I def could relate to this post. Thanks for sharing!

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