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One Helluva Wiped Out 50 Miles.

I met my friends Mike and Phill yesterday morning for a week capping 50 miler.  Matt showed up too and it turned out we were had a purpose:  To ride with Diane to her office (she was filling in at an Urgent Care).

The five of us rolled out… slowly.  I was wiped out and Mike and Phill were no better.  The century the day before took a toll.  My legs were unquestionably smoked.  Still, even a bad day on the bike is better than a good day at work, I rolled on.  Not quite smiling, but it beat having my butt waxed (one would imagine… I’ve thankfully never actually had my butt waxed).

We got to the Urgent Care a half-hour early because we were rocking a fair pace (19-ish average).  26 miles in and it went by in a hurry.  At that point we all split up.  Matt headed further west in search of more miles.  Mike, Phill and I headed back towards home.  And that’s when our ride got ugly…

We sat up for snack time and I dropped half of my banana to the tarmac when I hit a bump.  I was hungry too, and down to two gels and half a banana.  I ate that and fired down one of the gels five miles later.

Our pace didn’t get much faster than our feeding pace of 15-16 mph – and we were all okay with it.  It was actually refreshing to be able to ride side by side with my friends, laughing and telling cycling stories from days past.  It’s rare that we’re going slow enough that we don’t need the draft to recharge.

We held that easy pace for another 10 miles before Phill split off and headed for home.  Mike and I picked the pace up, only with 12 miles to go.  I would normally describe 20-22 mph as “lively” but my legs were anything but.  Still, I rolled into the driveway with a touch more than 50 miles…  287 miles for the week in 15 hours.  Just shy of 19 mph average for the lot of them.

I’m going to take the next two weeks lightly before ramping up for August and September through which it’ll be all go for two full months.