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How does a Specialized Venge look after 9000 Miles?

July 2016
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It rides smoother* than the day I brought it home, still looks like Five Thousand Dollars and it was worth every penny.  My Venge doesn’t miss a shift  (as long as I keep the derailleurs properly adjusted, and I do) and after all of those miles, some of them extremely rough, it still hasn’t developed one squeak, creak or groan.

I won’t lie, that bike is babied.  It rarely sees a drop of rain, it’s only been in one downpour, and the components are looked after carefully (I still lube each individual roller of the chain and lube the derailleurs, etc.), I clean it once a week whether it needs it or not (right down to the QR skewers) and wipe it down after every ride.  Being babied (or properly cared for… you sat tomato…) aside, the Venge still functions flawlessly after all of those miles.  Honestly, with as much as I paid for the bike, this was expected.  This is as it should be, in other words.

*The reason it’s smoother is that I added a few highly important upgrades to the $3,100 base model bike that I brought home (in order of ride importance):  S-Works crankset, lighter wheels (Vuelta Corsa SLR front, SLR rear hub and Velocity rim), S-Works Aerofly handlebar, FSA stem.  


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