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You Can Exercise or Not.  Either way, Choose.

My wife and I were out of town.  Not knowing the local roads well, we had no clue where to ride our road bikes…  Which road roads were safe, which to avoid?

Locals have all of the goods when it comes to good routes.  When it comes to my hometown, I know I do.

We called the local bike shop to ask where we could find a local ride.  Turned out the local bike shop was closed but we did contact the previous owner because he had his cell phone listed on his web page.  He put us in contact with the local bike club…  And we rode.  

And rode…

We had a wonderful time, rode at a fantastic pace (we met with the B group, closer to our C or even D), climbed a bunch of hills and got our exercise in.

I have been beating the “contact your local bike shop” drum for years, for anyone who truly wants to delve into cycling.  Local bike shops and clubs are a tremendous resource to enjoyed… Contacting a local club or shop takes all of the guesswork out of who to ride with and where to ride.  Everybody wins when we use that resource.  The club gets to meet, ride and share stories with new people and new people get to enjoy the best, safest roads in the area.