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The Trick to Fitness is Sticking to It, No Matter What


July 2016

My family and I just got back from an excellently active, yet lazy, vacation.  Even with some kind of ridiculous desert every evening and with only one day in nine on the bike, I only put on three pounds…  I’ll have that off by Friday.

We arrived home last evening around 11:30 (I think, I wasn’t really paying attention).  We unloaded only the necessary stuff from the truck and went right to sleep.

We had to.  Even with rain in the forecast we had some riding to do.

I awoke to an alarm at 5:30, had my usual two cups of coffee and commenced unloading the rest of the truck.  After that I prepped the bikes, got the water bottles ready and got dressed to go.  Rain was forecast to hit at 9 and we were meeting at a local school nine miles from our house at 7:30.  Brad called and we talked about shortening the ride to beat the worst of the yellow, orange and red on the radar. 

We rolled out shortly after 7:30.  We only got 15 miles in before it started raining so we cut it short and headed back to the school.  

Just 19 miles for the day but I spent all but 2 miles of the ride up front.  It felt great to get on the bike and my legs felt awesome after the week-ish off.
It would have been real easy to look at the radar and bow out, opting to ride the couch for one more day.  Better yet, I could have skipped my ride and gone out to the donut shop and had three or four donuts for breakfast before riding the couch whilst watching the final day of the Tour de France!  Yeah, then I could have made that three pounds I’ve gotta work off, four.  

Yeah, I’m not that guy.  I could be, all it takes is a decision, but not today.  Give me a  good lunch with a side of miles.


  1. unironedman says:

    ‘Give me a good lunch with a side of miles’… now there’s a T shirt!

  2. browney237 says:

    Yes, even when you aren’t in the mood it’s better to get out than not!

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