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Sixteen Miles with the Whole Family…

August 2016
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The other day I rode with my youngest on the back of the tandem with me and my wife on her single bike.  We did 14 miles in 50 minutes.

Last night my eldest went with us and we bumped the 14 to 16.  It took just over an hour (1:02:59 to be exact), and it came with quite a bit of consternation on the part of the eldest.  We found the level of exercise that makes her complain.  A LOT.

I left the comforting to my wife.  I was just me.  Call it stern, but loving.  “I love you kiddo” when she’s doing well and “Suck it up” when she’s complaining.

We worked with her a little bit on drafting, a little bit on cadence, and a whole lot on fitness.  It was a good start and she’ll get faster as time goes – we decided to make this a regular thing on Monday and Wednesday.

My youngest is getting quite good on the tandem in short order.  She’s pushing us across intersections until I can get clipped in, leaning through turns and helping me muscle up little hills.

While the eldest complained during the middle miles, she really poured it on in the closing few and actually made me us work to catch up once.  That was a good sign.  So next up I have to get the youngest a pair of pedals with toe clips so her feet can stay on the pedals better with a quicker cadence if we’re going to roll with any speed.

No noodle salad last night, but we did have barbecued chicken, garlic smashed potatoes and green beans that were picked just the day before.  We call that good enough for government work.



  1. Love it. Hubs and I take our son out on his adapted trailer bike (2 wheels instead of one). He also rides a recombent around a 1.5 mile park trail. While he has issues with balance, hence the recombent, he sure likes to take the downhill corners at speed, on two wheels.

  2. SheSpoke says:

    Just been on a tag-a-long with our 6 year old, that was hard work! tandem sounds much fairer!

  3. Dan says:

    Love the look on your daughter’s face. That alone says a lot!!

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