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Confidence in Cycling:  Life won’t be any Longer than it is Right Now.

I will be rolling out as this posts, on a 100k supported ride with several of my strong friends.

I know I’m going to be strong enough to not only finish the ride with them, but I’ll do it with a smile on my face, wishing it was a bit longer.

I worked hard for that confidence.  I busted my ass for it.

Sadly for me, confidence wasn’t some mystic talent that I didn’t have to work for.  Fitness confidence wasn’t a biological gift or even a part of the way I was brought up.

Confidence had to be earned.  There is a world of difference between “I think I can”, “I know I can”, and “Let’s ride”.

Ride hard my friends, you know I will.  Life won’t be any longer than it is right now.