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The Truth About Coffee: Number 27

The truth about coffee: Number 27

Coffee is an acquired taste.  You have to work at liking it.

Cycling and coffee go together like good times and noodle salad.  It really is good for you too.  Last I checked, which was a year ago, coffee still retained the title of the most free radical blasting antioxidants of any foodstuff known to man.  Or woman.  By several times…  That Acai berry juice?  Yeah, ten times the cost of coffee and a fraction of the antioxidants.  

The trick to much of the research showing it has cancer causing agents is in testing.  There are 27 chemical compounds in coffee.  Several of them, if injected into a subject in the maximal dosage, will cause cancer over time.  Here’s the trick; you can’t drink enough coffee to meet the dosage.  It’s almost impossible.

Remember the ridiculous claim that a glass of wine was as good as an hour at the gym?  Yeah, more like 11 bottles.  Same principle, just reversed.  It would take 11 bottles to equal an hour at the gym… This is where it gets fun:  There are 625 calories in a bottle of red wine.  You would have to consume 6,875 calories to equal an hour at the gym.

End result?  You’re a fat drunk. 

I did the math.

Coffee is not equivalent to spending time at the gym, it just makes riding more enjoyable…  I drink two cups before every ride, whether I need it or not.  Then a couple of more after.  Then a couple of more when I meet with my ex-drunk friends.  All we need is a coffee maker, a friend and a resentment and it’s a meeting.  We are excited to meet all of the folks who thought wine equals gym time.  I’ll be smiling inside.

Taking the Evil Empire Bike Out for a Spin…

Cue Darth Vader’s march…

My friend Adam, a one-time racer, bike shop owner and general lover of all things cycling except Trek, loves to refer to the high-end manufacturer as the Evil Empire.  Why, I do not know.  The most I ever got out of him was, “Because they really are”.

Not surprising, he sold Cannondale’s and has an emotional connection to Bianchi.

In any event, I love my Trek now that I’ve A) made it my own by completely stripping it down and having it professionally repainted and B) had a new headset installed in the process.  It’s amazing how awesome a bike that steers right feels.

With my Venge down a front wheel, I took the 5200 out for a spin last night.  My decision to take the Trek on DALMAC was cemented on that ride.  I’m going to put the good wheels from the Venge on the Trek, and I’m going to ride that ride with a smile.

I love my Venge.  It’s the vastly faster and more comfortable of the two, but the Trek climbs a little better – and more important, I don’t mind getting the Trek dirty.  I am completely comfortable with stripping the bike down to its frame, with changing the cables and dialing in the shifting.

There, to my knowledge, has never been a DALMAC that didn’t have rain at least one of the four days – and the Trek is made for crappy weather.  Everything is easy to clean and accessible.

Last year we rode in a downpour on day one.  Day two saw no precipitation but the roads were damp much of the day.  By the time we got to camp on Friday, the Venge was a mess.  I cleaned it up the best I could but it was shifting was a little sluggish and with the internal cables, all I could do was hold on and hope for the best.  This year, if I run into trouble, I’ll be able to loosen the cables, clean them and have everything back together in five minutes.

In the end, the Trek is the right bike for that ride, and I like riding it a lot more now that it works like it should!  It just needs good wheels on it.

Cue Darth Vader’s march, one more time.