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Velocity Wheels:  Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

August 2016
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I ordered a rim for my Venge the other day, sitting on the side of the road with yet another broken spoke from a lightweight set of wheels that I’d bought.  That was Tuesday night.

Yesterday evening, sitting in a restaurant with my family, my daughter announced that a package had arrived for me.  Less than 48 hours after placing the order, this was sitting next my Venge when we got home from a late dinner:

I placed the order at 6:45 pm on Tuesday. The hoop arrived at 6 pm on Thursday.  I can’t believe that turnaround.

On a fluke, on Wednesday, I emailed Velocity because I’d removed the decal from the rear hoop when I had that wheel rebuilt because the spokes wouldn’t stay tight on the far too flexible original rim.  I asked if they would be willing to send a replacement decal so my wheels could match.

Not only did they offer to send new decals, the guy who responded said he’d thought of a couple of different options that would dress the wheels up if I was interested…

I’ll have to see what comes but if it’s only the Fusion decal I’ll be plenty happy.

In any event, their hoops are bomb proof. A little on the heavy side, but I’ll take 1,580 grams and hassle free over 1,460 grams and in the shop every few weeks to have a broken spoke nipple replaced or the wheel trued, yet again, any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Now, if I’d only have gone with a set of their race wheels first, they come in at a scant sub 1,400 grams for less than $850.  Live and learn.

I roll Velocity Dyads on the tandem.  They’re solid.  And fast.

If you’re looking for a good, all-around, alloy wheelset, I can’t recommend Velocity highly enough.  Their customer service is spectacular and their product is excellent.

I was offered nothing to write this post and paid full pride for all Velocity rims I own.  The Dyad wheels came on my Co-Motion bike as standard equipment.  I just wanted to pass along my experience.  Oh, and Velocity Wheels are made in the USA.

I will be receiving a free decal or three when they get here, but Velocity didn’t know me from any other normal customer when they offered to send them to me – this blog (meaning my site in its entirety, not the misuse of the word meaning “post”) was never mentioned in any correspondence with Velocity.  In other words, nothing was bartered for their exceptional service as described in this post.



  1. bonnev659 says:

    velocity, chris king, alto, white industry, k edge, are great US made bike items that has great customer service that i have dealt with

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