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One Hundred Miles between Friends.  Because We Can.


August 2016

My buddy Mike handles the coordination and cleaning of several intersections that accumulate gravel before our big local century.  This year, with Mike recovering from open heart surgery, I took the task and my friend Brad joined me. Normally we have three or four guys but work got in the way.  Brad and I just got it done.

This was after, of course, my wife and I went for a morning 30 miles with our friend Doc Mike (who headed up North for an extended weekend after we rode).  It was a lively, fun hour and a half.  

As many miles as I’ve put in this summer, I’m really enjoying cycling lately. Much more than I could have anticipated.  

I’m only bored with one route.  A route that is chosen for its boring and excedingly safe nature.  Light on traffic, only two busy intersections, and roughly 100 feet of vertical climbing over sixteen miles.  My run into town is more enjoyable but my wife likes the safety of light traffic.  Happy wife, happy life.  I can live with a boring route to ride with my wife – there aren’t a lot of guys out there lucky enough to enjoy cycling with their spouse.

Today though, it’s all hands on deck.  The Assenmacher 100 is here, signifying the final months of the season and the final weeks of the road season.  This doesn’t mean an end to road cycling, just that the big mile days are behind us.

After labor day, all but one of the big rides are done and we can start looking at mountain biking and playing in the dirt as a fun change of pace.

Today my friends and I will pound out a hundred miles and we’ll try to do it in less than five hours.  Just because we can.  And it is good.


  1. browney237 says:

    I hope you enjoyed the ride. I’m struggling for motivation just at present. We’ve had such a wet winter (not that cold) but just wet. Can’t wait for blue sky days and some warmth on my back. I’m sure that will lift the motivation.

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