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Riding a Bicycle for Sanity…

My Friday morning was hectic.  I’m working on bidding and selling a huge job, it’ll be the biggest of my career if I land it – and I’m heading out to a kickoff meeting for another giant next Wednesday.  

My wife and I decided to squeeze our ride in at noon because, thankfully, lunchtime is still quite sacred.  One minute after 1 pm my phone blew up, figuratively, while we were hanging out at the shop.

I rode home as fast as I could…  Put it this way, my wife was struggling a little so our first 20 miles were done at 17 mph.  By the time I rolled into the driveway just five miles later, the average was up to 18. 

I had to head out, all the way over to the west side of the State to pick up some material for a job I’m doing down in Ann Arbor.  Not quite sniffing water “west” but close.  Then I had to drop it off at one of my guy’s house in Lansing…. before getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way home.  Take away my hour and a half bike ride and I put in a fifteen hour day yesterday – and it wasn’t one of those fun fifteen hour days.  It was a Monday.  Just on a Friday.

As I was sitting in that traffic jam, I started looking for alternate routes around it.  It just so happens I was just outside of one of the towns we ride to once or twice a month.  I knew exactly how to get back.  The people trying to avoid the traffic jam stuck to the two easy routes around the backup while I enjoyed quiet country roads, almost devoid of traffic, all the way home.  Because I ride a bike. 

A ride makes a day better almost every time.  Sometimes the bike ride is the only thing that goes right in a day, but this was the first time a bike ride salvaged a messed up day.

I spent the last half hour of my trip home contemplating how lucky and grateful I was for my family, friends and cycling.  How about that.