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Riding a Bicycle for Sanity…


August 2016

My Friday morning was hectic.  I’m working on bidding and selling a huge job, it’ll be the biggest of my career if I land it – and I’m heading out to a kickoff meeting for another giant next Wednesday.  

My wife and I decided to squeeze our ride in at noon because, thankfully, lunchtime is still quite sacred.  One minute after 1 pm my phone blew up, figuratively, while we were hanging out at the shop.

I rode home as fast as I could…  Put it this way, my wife was struggling a little so our first 20 miles were done at 17 mph.  By the time I rolled into the driveway just five miles later, the average was up to 18. 

I had to head out, all the way over to the west side of the State to pick up some material for a job I’m doing down in Ann Arbor.  Not quite sniffing water “west” but close.  Then I had to drop it off at one of my guy’s house in Lansing…. before getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way home.  Take away my hour and a half bike ride and I put in a fifteen hour day yesterday – and it wasn’t one of those fun fifteen hour days.  It was a Monday.  Just on a Friday.

As I was sitting in that traffic jam, I started looking for alternate routes around it.  It just so happens I was just outside of one of the towns we ride to once or twice a month.  I knew exactly how to get back.  The people trying to avoid the traffic jam stuck to the two easy routes around the backup while I enjoyed quiet country roads, almost devoid of traffic, all the way home.  Because I ride a bike. 

A ride makes a day better almost every time.  Sometimes the bike ride is the only thing that goes right in a day, but this was the first time a bike ride salvaged a messed up day.

I spent the last half hour of my trip home contemplating how lucky and grateful I was for my family, friends and cycling.  How about that.


  1. OK, there must have been something in the atmosphere yesterday. Your Friday sounds like mine, except mine started early in the morning, so hectic that I was close to losing what is left of my mind by noon. Unfortunately, no ride for me, though. Drat.

    Glad to see you took the right pill. Riding is almost always the cure!

  2. unironedman says:

    Despite living in the same county for most of my life, it’s only since getting out on the bike that I’ve discovered how much of it I have never seen. The bike is great for that; faster than shanks’ mare so you go further and explore more, but slower than the car, so you see things in detail and can pull in whenever you want. But I admit, I do tend to go out on my own.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Same here, brother… and have you ever noticed the colors are more pronounced when on a bike? The blue sky is BLUE, the greens are GREEN… I realize you get a lot of gray (grey, in your case), but on those sunny days…

      • unironedman says:

        Yep; that’s one of the reasons why I wear clear shades too, so I can see the real colours. That, and being able to spot the rain clouds 😉

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