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Everyone Needs a Cycling Friend or Eight:  68 Miles Amongst some of Mine.


August 2016

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this season has been my cycling friends.  With Mike out of commission till October, the dynamic is different but we’re getting by.  Mike is the glue of our group so without him, we’re just kind of bopping around.

We have, however, managed.

Chuck, Phill, Ethan and I headed south yesterday, to change things up a bit.  To start, it was awesome – we were the only vehicles on the road.  Sadly that didn’t last… and our normal route down to the General Motors Proving Grounds, which features roads as smooth as a baby’s butt, was shut down for bridge repair so not only did traffic suck, the road almost resembled Swiss cheese.  In fact, I was going to write “the road was Swiss cheese”, but I thought, “C’mon Jim, no paved road is Swiss cheese, you can’t write that.”  Folks, I got a pinch flat with a brand new set of tires that only had 50 miles on them.  It was my second pinch flat.  Ever.  In 30,000+ miles. It was bad.

Anyway, we cruise around the Proving Grounds, and on the way around Chuck had a guy proposition him out the window of his pickup truck with another man driving.  I couldn’t believe it!  Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, I guess…  So this guy announces out the window that he’s a “c***sucker”, I’m assuming with the hope that Chuck would stop pedaling and drop his shorts right there, but my word people!  What’s up with the promiscuity?! Where’s the tact?!  That doesn’t happen in real life!  Especially with a group of straight guys riding bikes, in Lycra!

Anyway, I shouted back, “No thanks”, as they sped away.  

From there, we headed over to Kensington Metropark and then Mitford.  Ethan was hungry and wanted a sammich before the journey home.  Chuck led the way to Tim Horton’s where we could get us a good Old Fashioned pompous bacon, sausage, egg and cheese bagel.  Why pompous, you wonder?!  Tim Horton’s is Canadian.  They put pompous in the water up there.

Fortunately there are Canadian people, like my friend, Sue, who apparently drink Fiji water instead.  I digress…

We sat and ate and lamented the fact that Ethan would be moving to the west side of the State next week amd we laughed about the guy who wanted to give Chuck a… well, you know.  Then we headed home.  

We all took turns in the wind and made decent time.  The skies turned ugly but held off the rain till we made it to the parking lot and had time to load up and head home.  It rained for the next four hours straight.

Anyway, I typically never kept a lot of friends as a younger lad.  I had a negative impression of myself, I thought I was ugly, so I only ever let a few people in.  

Thank God, getting and staying sober transformed me into the person I am, because I have a lot of friends today. 

Cycling friends are the best.  We ride together, we laugh, we bump fists, and we go home to our lives.  No BS…  Just miles and laughs.  

So why eight, when we clearly only had four?  Dude, how much time do you want to spend up front, overachiever?  The more the merrier, bro!  

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