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The Ultimate Peanut Butter and Jelly Hack…

So I’m sitting there last night, thinking my wife’s spectacular homemade Chicken Noodle soup just wasn’t enough to fill the cavern that is my stomach in full cycling season…  I’m going to be just shy of 1,000 miles this month.  That’s a lot of hungry right there.

Anyway, Sara Lee came out with the best PB&J bread in the history of human kind, they call it Artesano, and we’ve got a loaf sitting on top of the fridge.  I pull it down and begin to fix a sammich for myself…  I pull out the crunchy, natural peanut butter and the squeezable strawberry jelly, and WHAM!  Like a volleyball to the noggin, it hits me…

We have strawberries.

This is my lunch today:


The First Time I’ve Ever Hoped for Rain on a Weekend…  And I’m Going to be Disappointed.

I’ve got my rain bike all set up for DALMAC.  The good wheels are on the Trek 5200, a brand new set of S-Works tires, washed, waxed, lubed and ready to go.

She’s all dressed up and ready to dance.  The Venge is hung on the wall with care.  I wanted to take the Trek for two reasons:

  1. If it rains, I can clean it faster and easier for the next day (and I don’t mind getting it dirty).
  2. For four miles…  Three miles climbing to the wall, and the wall.  The 5200 is equipped with a triple crankset.

Last year, after finishing, I had my Venge in the shop for the better part of four days, having new cables and housings installed on it, after taking two hours to completely dismantle it and clean it up.

The first day, it poured.  The second, the roads were still wet:

Yes, we’re passing a horse, and that is sexy.  You can see the dampness though.  I was going to be prepared this year…

The weather channel is showing the best Labor Day weekend weather we’ve had in fifteen years.  Perfect, flawless.  Cool mornings, mid 70’s in the afternoon. And sun, all weekend long.

All of a sudden, taking the Venge makes sense.  It’s three pounds lighter, faster, more comfortable in the drops, it’s a vastly better bike and the gearing is better for all but one measly percent of the ride.

What would you do?!


Or this: