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DALMAC Day 2:  Mrs. Bgddy Freshlegs Saves the Day.


September 2016

In case I haven’t made it perfectly clear in the past, my wife ROCKS.  We bucked a headwind all day again yesterday but we managed to knock more than a half-hour off our rolling time.  

We also had much nicer, though cooler, weather to start.  A gentle breeze that intensified as the day wore on.  

Our group grew as we passed other riders along the way but we’d spit one off the back as fast as we picked new riders up.  

By the time we hit 65 miles, a few of the guys had had enough.  They decided to break of and do the short route.

Matt, Chuck, Doug and I stuck with the long route.  We were there to ride our bikes with our buds, so cutting miles off didn’t make sense, even if we were hurting.  
Much to my amazement, we actually toned it down to an enjoyable level… until we got passed by a Kubota.  Doug moved first and I jumped on his wheel.

Dude, the farmer driving that bad boy was cool.  He knew we were there, even waived to us.  That photo was taken at 25 mph, and it was like we were pedaling for 20.

When I noticed Chuck and Matt didn’t make the jump, we stopped for a photo op… you’ll understand why.

I don’t do that enough.  Too much get-there-itis.  

The Four Amigos

So, Mrs. Bgddy shows up like an angel, at 91 miles out of 101 and pulls us home the whole way, and fast enough that our average went up from 8.3 mph to 8.5… and then set up the camper while I sat there catching my breath.

Words cannot to that justice.

Still on pace for a 3,200 mile month.  😎


  1. bribikes says:

    I am sure you will get those 3,200 miles in this month…after all you have two choices, stop working or stop sleeping! Piece of cake 🙂

    Any suggestions on how to get the farmers around here to let me draft behind them? What an awesome fellow to tow you guys along!

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