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DALMAC Day 4:  It Really Only Costs $205 for the Four Day…  And It’s More Beautiful than Words can do Justice.


September 2016

I heard a funny story yesterday at the lunch stop on the last day of DALMAC.  

A woman flew in from the west coast to ride our ride but was initially warned off by friends that it had to be a scam, that she’d surely show up to find there was no ride.  Her friends said it was too inexpensive.

Folks, if you camp in a tent, the cost to have your gear shuttled to the next location, showers at each destination, breakfast and dinner at each, and your place to pitch your tent, is $205.  They have phone charging stations, the restrooms in each school are open all night long and additional Porta johns are at many of the locations to supplement the brick and mortar facilities.  

The meals are good and filling with plenty of carbs, but not exactly restaurant quality…  It all works to get you ready for the next day’s ride, be it the 70-90 mile short route or the century long route (99-107 miles).

For a measly Two Hundred bucks, you get all of the above, and this:

And on the last day, when you’re all done, you can hop across the bridge, park alongside the highway at the dunes (ask the bridge attendant, it’s 2 bucks per axle too, each way) and dip your hot, tired dogs in Lake Michigan.

Priceless.  And I assure you, there most definitely will be a ride when you get there.


  1. James L says:

    I wonder how many people have been put off by it being too inexpensive? I guess different people have different perspectives on what they would be willing to pay for such a good experience 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      Too expensive?! It’s a four day tour, from Lansing to MackinawCity! It covers almost 400 miles! It’s staffed by volunteers (entirely) and any proceeds are donated to the schools the ride stops at, to improve their schools.

      In other words, if you were to just pack your stuff on your bike and go, camping at campgrounds along the way, figuring food and drink, you couldn’t do it much cheaper.

      In other words, it’s about as cheap as if gets for what you get.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Crap… I totally misread your comment, I apologize! You’ve got a great point. That’s why I wrote the post, and will likely write many more.

      • James L says:

        No problem! I was going to suggest putting up the price so it doesn’t seem too good to be true, but not sure if the joke would have translated well with the written word 🙂

  2. wanderwolf says:

    Clearly, some people still equate more expensive wish better quality. That seems like such an awesome ride, and glad you all had great weather all the way through!

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