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The B Group – Everyone is Doing It!!!


September 2016

TNR Update: Group Duh Having Way More Fun –


Sources inside Group Duh have confirmed that the second group on the road Tuesday night is, in fact, having more fun. 

Evidence has shown repeated smiling, talking and laughing each week, much to the surprise of A group rides. Incredulous, such body language was largely taken as grimacing, shouting and the nervous expulsion of gas from the mouth whenever spotted. “There’s just no way they’re having that much fun,” commented one A group rider, just moments after cussing out a 14 year old boy for looking backwards in the pace line.

Unlike the post above, I won’t disparage our A Group.  I understand why they ride the way they do, even understand why they enjoy it.  I just know I don’t.

I am happier with a good, fast ride, without all of the attacks and the 24 mph average pace, and climbing hills in excess of 20 mph….

We created our B Group a couple of months ago because the club ride that was once 22 mph had jumped two miles an hour and left a lot of people strewn about the course.  Now that we’ve successfully split, cyclists in both groups have noticed that each ride is smoother.

Our B group is comprised of those who are simply interested in a club ride, as opposed to a race that starts out looking like a club ride.  

The B Group:  For those discerning cyclists who have more desire for a good workout and a laugh than the sight of their own lungs hanging out of their mouths as they set up for the sprint.


  1. Gail says:

    You were a tad passive aggressive at the very end, but I liked it…..

    • bgddyjim says:

      Possibly, however those descriptions, while mine, are echoed by a lot of the A guys. Many of them lament the fact that we get to have so much fun…

      Passive aggressive as it may be, it is the truth I write.

  2. OmniRunner says:

    Good idea. Not everyone wants to do a club ride/run like a race. I’ve done it both ways and feel no shame bringing up the rear on occasion.
    It’s better to survive and ride another day.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Unfortunately, I just can’t take up the back. Try as I might, and I have, or can help but feel like a heel for not doing my part. I’ve tried to fix it.

      • OmniRunner says:

        I’ve run with injuries or with new members of the club and brought up the rear. Even with an injury, it’s not easy to go slower than you know you can.
        When I do it for others, I feel like I’m making a small contribution to the running community and that runner.

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