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More MILES!!! Not the Same as More Cowbell….


September 2016

DALMAC was pretty tough on me this year.  I came down with a stomach bug the day before – I was down for the count.  I slept for something like 14 hours that day.  I packed for DALMAC between naps, when I felt my stomach could handle it…  It was slow going.

The next morning I felt a lot better but I was more than a little nervous about trying to ride three centuries and 72 miles in four days.  I had stomach issues the whole first day but I held on.  Dinner that night, as necessary as it was, did not taste all that good.

I awoke Friday with a much better outlook.  In comparison, I only spent about a third of the ride in any discomfort.  Saturday, I felt great but I woke up Sunday morning to what felt like a cold coming on.  After a couple of cups of coffee I felt a lot better.  I ended up riding every last mile of the 380.


We got home late Sunday night, well late for me, around 10 pm.  To say I fell asleep promptly would be a bit of an understatement.  Monday was pretty rough.  I ended up kinda sick, but not wiped out so rather than mess with inviting anyone else to ride, my wife and I slept in and took the kids out for an easy 18 miler.

Tuesday was the club ride and even though I was still feeling a little under the weather, I rode with the group anyway.  We turned in a better than average time for the 30 miles, 1:21:20 and I did my fair share, but no more.

Wednesday I paid for everything but with ugly skies, I felt well justified in polishing the couch with my butt.

I probably could have taken another day off yesterday, but I decided to ride anyway.  I felt a lot better and ended up enjoying my ride thoroughly though my legs felt smoked.  I kept it fairly easy, but I found myself not wanting to get out of the saddle to charge up a hill or to spin up to an easier cadence…  My legs, simply put, are feeling the mileage.

Weather permitting, I know I’ll be riding every day of the weekend but I’m leaving the overall mileage to whatever comes up.  One thing is for certain; After DALMAC, I’ve got enough miles I don’t have to worry about it for a while.



  1. bonnev659 says:

    Miles and miles how many for the year?

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