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The Ultimate Leg Workout that will mean an End to Chicken Legs

Unlike many posts, this one will offer suggestions for both men and women.  Read on.

I’ve been reading a lot of workout posts lately and I became a little jealous.  How can a fitness blog, such as my own, not have special workouts?  You know, throw on the old basketball shorts and a tank top, run over to a gym and move some weights around in search of that elusive perfect beach body.  

There’s only one problem:  I don’t have any.  Push ups and sit ups.  That’s about all I do.  Not very sexy, but it works.

There’s always been a problem area with me though, since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.  

I was an exceptionally athletic kid.  I played baseball, basketball, dabbled in football and hockey, I ran a little, was hell on rollerblades only a few short years after they came out in wide circulation.  I’m one of those unfair but unfortunate guys who is really good at anything that has to do with athletics but isn’t really great at any of them.  None of that fixed the chicken legs though.  

Running helped, when I got into it regularly, around 2002, but only a little.

Only one thing cured my chicken legs for good, as one who knows me would assume…  It’s simple, easy and fun:

Lots and lots of miles on a bike.  The smile is not optional, that’s original equipment.  A package deal, if you will.

Now, women are a little trickier.  Women  usually don’t want to bulk up the same way guys will.  For women, the workout is just a little different.  Ladies only have to concentrate on spinning easier gears at a higher cadence and you end up with awesomely toned legs, without as much bulk.  

The important part is the rinse and repeat stage.  100-150 miles a week with a couple of multi-day century trips in there and you should have you well on your way!  Sadly, I won’t lie to you.  It’s not easy being fit.

The final piece of the puzzle is a good, balanced diet with plenty of protein.  Balance the diet = good.  Thinking one has cycled away their need to eat wisely = bad.