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Fall is the Best Time for Cycling (2016)

September 2016
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Yesterday was our first day of Fall cycling.  Fall doesn’t hit for another ten days but Summer is fading fast.  It always does after Labor Day in Michigan.

It was 52 degrees when we rolled out yesterday morning.  Not too long ago, before I had any real miles on my legs or even decent cold weather gear, that was just a touch too cool for comfort.  If it was sunny out, I’d chance it, but f it was cloudy and windy I’d stay home.  I’m no longer so afflicted.

With the proper gear, Fall cycling is as good as it gets.  With the season effectively over the long rides shorten from 80-100 miles down to 40-60.  The arm warmers, knee warmers or even leg warmers come out, the gloves and vests…

Fall is the time to enjoy all of those hard miles I put in all summer long.  Fall is for fun rides and time spent with friends, taking advantage of those last few nice days before the snow flies and forces most of us inside to toil away on trainers until the weather breaks again.

Fall is the time to once again cart out the mountain bikes (from a roadie’s perspective anyway – apologies to the mtb crew).  Fall is the time to not worry so much about training but to just have fun and ride.  After all, there will be plenty of time for intervals and cadence drills when we’re stuck on our trainers, wishing the snow wasn’t quite so deep.

Fall is the time to take advantage of what little good weather is left, before we do it all over again next year.




  1. unironedman says:

    Jaysus I seem to be really maudlin today. It doesn’t seem to take much to tip me over the edge! Mind you, we don’t get much snow here in Ireland, so we wouldn’t have snow days that would stop you from going out on the bike. What most Irish cyclists tend to have is the ubiquitous Winter Training Bike; probably once someone’s pride and joy, but now stripped of its lovely groupset and other finery, and fitted out with mudguards snow chains* and other assorted horrors 😉

    *ok, maybe not snow chains…

  2. unironedman says:

    Yeah, the govt. should probably put Vitamin D in the water…

  3. Yes, definately time to hunt out the mud guards.

  4. Also love the fall 😉 Really nice to ride in the evening, when it’s still warm enough to wear a short 😉

  5. I can’t agree more. Fall cycling is always more fun and relaxed.. something I cherish more than anything and not just because I am getting older. My annual guys mountain bike trip is set for next month, without a doubt my favorite event of the year. You are right about the road rides being more enjoyable, probably because it’s less about performance, more about enjoying what is left.

    I like rides in the 30 to 50 degree range. I am less of a weenie.

  6. fitnessgrad says:

    I am going to miss the summer though! haha. I love the sunshine and hot weather, but it will be nice to relax in cool air and be able to enjoy the pretty leaves that fall of the trees. I suppose fall isn’t so bad after all.


  7. JustI says:

    Can’t wait for fall weather!!! Usually when it freezes in Michigan we get a cold front and maybe 52 degrees a week later! Florida sunshine and cool weather…heaven.

  8. saddlerags says:

    I know full well that for you guys Fall is our Autumn but I couldn’t help chuckling to myself that Fall this year for me had entirely the other meaning.

    I really did enjoy your post though.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks, I read your latest post… heal fast. Yes, fall and autumn are synonymous. Fall, or autumn, are awesome for cycling. Falling, on the other hand, sucks.

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