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I Get My Buddy Back Tomorrow!  A Case in Point for Continued Physical Fitness 


September 2016

My BCB (Best Cycling Bud) Mike had his restrictions lifted today, he can ride again.  

The Four Amigos:  From left to right, Chuck, me, Phill and Mike at Mountain Mayhem Beat the Heat last summer

For those who don’t remember, Mike had a triple bypass about eight weeks ago.  He’s been spinning on the trainer for a couple of weeks, waiting for the doctor to give his blessing so Mike can finally get out the door.  

Alas, the wait was a little too much for him and he took a few bandit rides before his appointment…  They were slow, short and cautious but he just couldn’t let a wonderful stretch of good weather keep him tied to the trainer.  So it often is with those of us who can’t (read that “won’t”) sit still.

Interestingly, when they sent the physical therapy folks over to his house a few weeks ago to work him back but they turned around and left shortly after arriving.  It turned out he was too fit for them to work with.  So it often is with those of us who won’t sit still.

Phill, Mike and Chuck, left to right, closest to the camera.

I’ve had a wonderful summer cycling this year.  Trips up North for DALMAC and the Northwest Tour, down to Ypsilanti for the Ride for Recovery, and thousands of miles in between.  It wasn’t a perfect summer though, because….

Mike isn’t in that photo. 

That said, tomorrow will begin his recovery to form and I’ll be right there for him, the whole way, as slow as he needs to go, because that’s how we roll.

While many of my friends gave Mike s#!+ for riding early, I understand it completely.  Mike and I cycle for many of the same reasons, and fitness is only a small part of it.  We both share an enjoyment for the bikes but the big point is that cycling is an escape for us.  For an hour or five a day, all that’s out there is the open road, the bike, and turning the cranks.  That’s more than enough but it gets better;  For both Mike and I, cycling makes us feel young again.  Without it, life just isn’t as fun.

So with any luck, come next year at DALMAC, maybe we’ll be able to squeeze him into a photo at that same spot….

Who am I kidding?  He’d never stop to take a photo in the middle of a ride.  The dude won’t sit still!


  1. fitnessgrad says:

    Your buddy Mike reminds me of myself whenever I have had an injury and needed to sit out for a game or practice. I think it comes with the territory when you enjoy what you do and don’t want to give it up, even for a few seconds. I am happy you are being supportive of his recovery, I am sure it means a lot to him. I am wishing him well on this recovery journey as well.

    Seems as though the best people are the ones who are with you when things are good and when things go bad. Great post.


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