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The Perfect Temporary Fix for a Paint Chip on a Carbon Fiber Bike Frame…

Facts are facts, if you’re not getting chips in your paint job, you’re not riding your bike.

The proper way to get a paint chip fixed is to take the bike to a frame builder/painter to have the chip sanded down to the carbon fiber, then touched up.  A good technician can turn the bike around in a few days to a week and have it looking like new (obviously winter is the best time to get this done, when you don’t need said bike – assuming you get snow).

If, however, you’re like me, you can’t stand having a chip in your paint for half a season (especially when said chip is in the red paint, all the way down to the black carbon fiber)….  Interestingly, I was given this quick and painless tip from an accomplished frame builder who just happens to be a very good friend.  There is a simple solution:

Nail Polish.  In this case, red.

Simply clean the chip and apply the nail polish, being careful to stay within the borders of the chip.

It won’t be good as new but it’ll certainly get you by in a pinch and unless you know what you’re looking for, no one will know the better.  See if you can find my repair, it’s in this photo:

PS.  Be sure to lay the bike flat so the nail polish doesn’t run on you (this is why my bike is laying down).