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Shut Up and Ride, B!+€#!  Your Fat @$$ Ain’t Getting any Younger.


September 2016

That is, of course, a gender-neutral “b!tch” because the title is roughly the argument I present to that @$$hole in my melon committee who is incessantly nagging for a day off.

This is what I thought on the way up “The Wall “, long about the time I wanted to walk it up the last half:  “F@ck you, motherf@cker!  You will push those motherf@ckin’ pedals around till you’re on top of that f@ckin’ hill.  Now MOVE!


That is not a happy-go-lucky smile on my face.  Happy showed up at the top of the hill.

I know most people want pretty happy talk nowadays.  Nice, little motivational quotes like… cripes I can’t even think of any right now.  The Web oozes with that bullshit.  Oh, here’s a good one I read the other day:

Our Existence is our presence that the world can see, feel and experience through our work, our impact, our presence.

What a crock of $#!+.  If one were to speak to oneself like that, well, just plan on riding with the D group I guess.

Dude, I truly believe that had I thought that gobbledygook, I wouldn’t have walked my bike up that hill.  I’d have taken the old-timer’s route around it.

I’ll never understand all of that silly happy talk, and for that I am grateful.

Ride hard my friends.


  1. adarling575 says:

    Ha I don’t even understand what that quote means. The “motivational quotes” I use are “it’s meant to hurt” – “if it wasn’t hard I wouldn’t be doing this” – “I ran a marathon I can do this” – and “my mind gives up 10x faster than my body”. That’ll get you up the hill!!

    • bgddyjim says:

      See, those are great. I’m talking about the foo-foo inspirational quotes that have no meaning. “I am good enough because I am [insert darn near anything here]… To tell you the truth, I just read that little blurb I quoted and felt like a rant.

  2. Sandra says:

    Nah. You probably do believe in them somewhere deep inside–but not about cycling.

    This. THIS is the kind of post I understand. 🙂

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