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The End of the Road…


September 2016

34,000 miles, I’ve only found the end of the road once.  So I turned around and started looking for another with the hope that last one was an anomaly.  After all, have you ever tried riding a road bike with 24 mm wide tires through sand?!

Before I sobered up and started living right, it would have been a different story.  I’d have kept going till I drowned in the lake under the delusion that my eyes were surely deceiving me.

And for that, I am grateful.


  1. unironedman says:

    Jaysus Jim, 24mm tyres? Whatya ridin’ there, a mountain bike? 😉
    Always a pleasure reading your posts.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I know! Don’t tell anyone else, I’m hoping that gets by everyone else. Humorously, I ride with a guy who used to run 20’s thinking they made him faster. He got so many flats that his average pace dropped by about 3 mph. Chuckle.

      • unironedman says:

        I don’t think you get too many 24s over here; seems to be either 23 or 25. That’s probably just the small market, I imagine.
        Ride on!

      • bgddyjim says:

        Specialized just changed all of their tire sizes… They used to be 23 and 25. Now they’re 24 and 26. I used to run the 23’s at 100 and 110 psi, now I’m running the 24’s at 100 front and back. They’re a little less harsh, I think.

      • unironedman says:

        Odd. I guess they have their reasons. It can’t be the same reason that the footie clubs change their home and away jerseys every season, could it?

      • bgddyjim says:

        Nah, I think they’re trying to cash in on the “wider is better” craze sweeping the industry of late.

        24 and 26 mm says “I’m wider and therefore better…. but not too wide”. If they went, say, 25 and 27 or 28 they end up with clearance issues on a lot of their high end race bikes. My Venge takes a 24 okay but 25 would be pushing it. 26 is simply out of the question unless I want to wear a hole in the carbon fiber… and I would definitely rather not.

      • unironedman says:

        I missed that craze… I need to get out more!

    • bgddyjim says:

      BTW… Thanks, brother.

  2. Archetype says:

    Wider is better! 🙂
    No doubt I feel less beat up riding the 28mm front, now coupled with the 25mm rear. (I had to forgo the 28mm rear as it was slightly rubbing on the inside of the chain stay. (My wheels are 23mm wide) It’s a Bummer because I loved the 28mm set. LOTS of edge grip and a much more shock absorbing ride!

    I think you’re right, Specialized is trying a marketing technique with the 24 and 26mm sizes. Some companies make 27’s as well.
    You can be sure that tyres will get even wider as road frames will be made to accommodate the widths. Gravel bikes are using 33mm and 35mm’s already.

    The lines between a ‘road’ and a ‘gravel’ bike will become blurred for some makers- who will use the same frames just offering different options. Eventually, road bikes will even offer dropper posts and full suspensions, in addition to the disc’s and wireless drivetrains in use already. Bikes will become more and more integrated… like I have been saying, ‘motor’ -less motorbikes is what is coming. (not to be confused with eBikes)


  3. Sue Slaght says:

    I cant help but be reminded of Forest Gump getting ot one side of the country and then just turning around and running some more. I know you will be staying firmly on the road Jim.

  4. Carbon fibre floats, right? 😉

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