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Resting Heart Rate? What’s that?!


September 2016

My, “I’ve woken up, watched some news and had a cup of coffee” heart rate is 42 beats per minute.

Sad fact is, I can’t measure my “haven’t rolled out of bed yet”, real resting heart rate…  I’m too tied up looking forward to that first, glorious sip of coffee….  ah well, good enough for government work.

The Tempo Cyclist reminded me this morning that it’s been a while since I measured my “resting” heart rate (RHR), almost a month.  I have always been on board that the RHR is a decent measure of general fitness, so the fact that it’s dropped by 10% in the last month is welcome news.
I rode this morning with my wife, Mike and Brad.  38-1/2 miles, at an average of about 17 mph.  Two long days in a row for Mike, so I took the tempo down a bit.  I spent a ton of time up front again and did it on two sips of my wife’s Gatorade… I’d given Mike my bottle because he was so excited to ride, he accidentally left his on the counter at home.

By the time I dropped Mike at his road, I was hit.  I spent a lot of time in the headwind on the way home and I was cooked.  

That said, man was it a nice ride.  I love fall cycling.



  1. I get mine from a FitBit, which I try and wear while sleeping too. For some reason I often see an on-screen heart rate 2-3bpm less than the resting heart rate it calculates, something common with this device I’ve found from research. It’s a good way of tracking even though I’ve never been much of a watch wearer.

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