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How to Watch the Debate with Someone Who Sits Across the Aisle…

My wife and I love each other dearly, until election year rolls around.  Because politicians like their voters divided, it seems they’ve figured out a way to keep us fighting non-stop, as election seasons stretch out for almost an entire year and a half now.  Better to keep us pissed.  Sometimes it gets a little tense in the Casa de Big Daddy.  We’ve watched snippets of debates together, my wife and I, but normally we skip the process altogether for the sanctity (and serenity) of our marriage.

This year, I wasn’t about to miss the $#!+storm.

My wife and I managed to civilly get through it.  It was touch and go for a while though.

Now, put us in a politically charged situation and one of us is coming away pissed, nine times in ten.  Humorously neither of us can understand how the other can be such a dolt for believing what the other believes.  This leads to tension.

So after the debate we watched the movie Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  And we laughed.  Hard.

We went to bed a couple of hours after the debate, happy.

The trick was comedy.

So, whether your wife is a brain dead liberal, or your husband is a brain dead Republican (or whatever the party system/gender/party mix you happen to have), simply pass the popcorn…  Then watch something that makes the both of you laugh afterwards.  It’ll knock the ice off and help you to remember that politicians are like $#!+: In the end, they’re necessary but dammit sure do they stink the place up.