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A Typical, Easy Rest Day, Here at Fit Recovery.

September 2016
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Notice, in the title, I used “easy rest day”, not “day off”…

My legs were pretty tired all day.  My feet hurt and I probably needed a day off after riding 86 miles the day before.  I also bowled on the league I belong to after the ride.  Apparently I should ride long before every bowling night because I rolled a 579 (193 average, my average is normally around 185).

Monday started out rainy but cleared up as the day progressed.  The temp also stayed pretty cool, in the low to mid 60’s, but the wind picked up…  Did I mention I could have justified a day off?

So I did what any normal cycling enthusiast would do.  I pack my wife’s and my bikes onto the rack and we went for a ride after dropping the kids off to swimming practice.  It’s supposed to rain on Wednesday anyway, I’ll take my day off then.  

And we didn’t just go for a ride, we did hill repeats.  Bunches of them.  Chuckle.  I justified it by spinning up the grades that were less than 10%…  Brilliant!

See, I was supposed to go over to my best friend’s house to watch the debate last night.  Pizza, popcorn, and a political Battle Royale.  My buddy and I are political junkies, though we care more about why politicians choose the talking points they do than the “issues” they cook up behind them.  I digress.  

Sadly, my friend does not live the same healthy lifestyle I do.  He smokes, is overweight, and his idea of a “bike ride” is taking his Honda motocross bike for a few laps around his back yard.

He had a heart attack yesterday morning.

Yep, I’ll take a few hill repeats over a heart attack any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  It brings new urgency to my philosophy on “tapering”…  I’ll taper when I’m dead.  In the mean time, I’ve got a Specialized Venge and a Trek 5200 that are both itching to be ridden.

You can pay up now or pay later… one way or another, you’re going to pay.  And paying later, for most people, sounds better… until the bus shows up.



  1. wanderwolf says:

    I hope your friend is okay?!

  2. MJ Ray says:

    You packed your wife onto the rack?!?

    • bgddyjim says:

      I actually struggled with that one, for that very reason, and I am not just kidding here, I thought “There’s no way MJ is going to read this post… he’s only reading the techie posts and the posts having to do with cycling helmets.”

      All of those comments and “likes” on this post and everyone else gets it, or is at least understanding enough to let the mistake fly…

      I’ll just leave that hang there.

      • MJ Ray says:

        No, I read pretty much everything that doesn’t expire from my phone before I get time.

        After all you’ve written about your wife over the time I’ve been reading, you hanging her on the bike rack was one heck of a jarring image!

      • bgddyjim says:

        Honest to God, I laughed out loud. Nice one.

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