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Weight-loss, a “How I Do/Did It”.  The Equations of Success.

The last time I wrote about my weight, I was at 177 and hoping for 175.  I’m between 172 and 173.  That was about a month ago.

My Body Mass Index was a healthy 24 back then.  It’s now an even better 23.5. 

My diet, meaning the conglomeration of what I ingest, is natural and home cooked.  I eat my fruits and veggies but I typically think of vegetarians, especially vegans, as misguided.  I believe a balanced diet is best.  But that’s just me, you do what you want, and leave my meat alone.  

Next, I limit soda to special occasions only.  Otherwise, as crazy as I get is an Arnold Palmer, God rest his soul.  Half the calories, all of the awesome.  Either that or I enjoy a good, flavored H2O.

Other than that, this is it:

The equations and order are very simple.  My initial weight maintenance formula is this: Miles + Fuel = W.  When I want to drop weight, I simply alter the equation:

More x Miles + Fuel = “W – R” or weight reduction.

If W isn’t dropping satisfactorily then I modify the equation thusly:

(More x Faster x Miles) + (Fuel x 0.75) = W – R.

On the occasion that still doesn’t work I would alter it again:

(More x Faster x Miles) + (Fuel x 0.66) = W – R.

Now, if that still doesn….

Just kidding, I’ve never even gotten to that last one.  You get the idea though.  The tricky part is looking at food as fuel.  Once I got that down, the rest was easy.  Have you ever passed on a piece of cake because it won’t help your ride in the morning?  I do.  A lot.  And it feels awesome.

It’s not rocket science… hell, it’s barely Algebra.