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Stopping the Committee in my Head from Turning the Hamster Wheel…

October 2016

I promised a person, whose blog I follow, this post.  I apologize, my friend, for taking so long to get this out.  I hope you’re still with me.

My friends, put simply, this is how I stopped the hamster wheel that was my thoughts from spinning.  For many, myself included, the mind can be their worst enemy.  More to the point, the notion that my first thoughts have validity simply because they pop up in my head is poison.  Early in my sobriety I learned how to quiet, and eventually master those thoughts to a point where I can stop the hamster wheel at will, in a matter of seconds.

This took a lot of practice and it does not come naturally.  That said, I offer this series to anyone who wishes to be free from the bondage of their melon:

Part 1:  An End to Stinkin’ Thinkin’:  There is an End in Sight; No Gimmicks.

Part 2:  Controlling the Thoughts and Understanding Their Place.

Part 3:  An End to Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Part 3: Changing the Tape.

Part 4:  An End to Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Part 4: Practice Makes Perfect.

If you have a problem with your melon creating havoc in your life, and if you’re a newly recovering alcoholic – guess what, please check out this series of posts.  The people who passed these tips down to me and the “change the tape” part that I made up on my own have been invaluable in terms of my recovery and made my life vastly simpler and more enjoyable.


  1. saoirsek says:

    Thanks for this reminder,Once that hamster wheel starts up it’s hard to slow it down once it gains momentum (which would be great if the same applied to my pace…) Some really great insights there, my all time favorite is the saying ” I resigned from the debating society in my head” Thanks again. S. 😉

  2. I just discovered that my profile was not showing that I was following you. No wonder I hadn’t seen any new posts for a while. I happen to catch this on yesterday and am very excited to finish reading!

  3. Quan says:

    Wise words for many of us, no matter where you are in life.

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