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Cycling for Sanity;  49 Minutes, 16 Miles… Fall Edition

Yesterday was the perfect fall day.  Deep blue skies, no clouds and little breeze out of the south… we even had a fair temp in the low 60’s – and for the first time this season I had a case of the blah’s.  As has always is the case, I know exactly what to do with those:  I stow that $#!+ and go….

With my blinky in place, I hit the road at five on the nose.  With a push in the back by the wind I was up to 18 with ease.  That ease led to a bit of consternation as I rolled up the road…  As was the case last week, I had some cobwebs to shake loose after hunting all weekend long, though I wasn’t near as sore.  I knew I should take it easy and save some for the club ride tonight and that committee member in the melon committee was lobbying hard for easy after losing the case for not going out at all…

Whatever the case, I knew the answer was not to sit up and take it easy.

I am currently exhibiting the characteristics of a fat burning machine and I’d like to keep that going.  Bill and I had to head into town after the hunt and before dinner on Saturday night and it was looking like we were going to finally get dinner cooked at around 10:30 pm.  Hungry is not the word to describe the state I was in.  Hangry doesn’t even get it.  We stopped at McDonald’s – and it wasn’t pretty.  A Quarter Pounder, two double hamburgers, four chicken nuggets, a medium and a small fry and a Coke… and that was just me.  Now, I didn’t order all of that food, but the dingbat behind the counter gave me all of that food.  That notwithstanding, I still ate it.

I expected to be relegated to beans, leaves and twigs for the next two weeks, once I stepped on the scale.  I hoped that skipping lunch the day after the McBinge helped a little but I figured I was still in trouble.

In any event, what started out as a semi-easy ride turned into a sub-50 minute 16 miles and barely a sweat broken.  Not much, mind you – I’d say I found a happy medium and rode it and the cool temperature meant I was perfectly comfortable.  I pulled into my driveway with a mile on my face and the sense that life is as it should be.  After rehydrating and a quick shower I hopped on the scale to assess the damage.

None, though I won’t be putting myself through that again very soon.  Yuck – not necessarily the food, that was actually pretty good for a McDonald’s – but that feeling afterwards, now that was gnarly.