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Mountain Bike Season Begins!


October 2016

I put in 160 miles last week.  Nothing special, but this late in the season, definitely not bad.  45 of those miles were done on my mountain bike…

While I understand the mountain biker’s love of trails, I am a hopeless roadie.  It’s the speed and sexiness of road cycling, and that I can simply walk out of my front door with my bike and put in a few hours ending up with 60 miles – and end up right back at my front door…  Couple that with the fact that I ride all season long for DALMAC.  Once that’s over and I know I don’t have to worry about mileage, other endeavors are much more enjoyable.

So last week was the beginning of my mountain bike season.  It’s always interesting trying to figure out how to balance all of the fun stuff I’ve got going on – road riding, mountain biking, hunting, bowling and watching football, hockey and the MLB Playoffs.

One thing is certain though:  Cycling, in any form, always takes precedence over watching the idiot box (as it did today as my wife and I took advantage of the end of a rain storm that blew through early Sunday morning…  I missed the last five minutes of the Lions win to ride.


  1. The REAL cycling season has begun….

  2. Bicyclosis says:

    Hey Jim,
    You should write an article about the hustling of mountain biking on weekends while having a family!

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