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45 Miles to Go…  My 2016 Cycling Journey.


October 2016

I started this year certain I couldn’t possibly pass my 2015 total mileage.  I have two kids, my business… ’15 surely had to be a fluke at 7,600 miles.  

Cycling on a daily basis is an exercise in learning to fit my ride in.  The summertime is easy because we put the kids’ extracurricular activities on hold, but come September we really have to juggle things around to make them work.  I take the kids and my bike to swim practice on Monday.  My wife takes them Tuesday.  I’m back with my bike on Wednesday and my wife takes Thursday.  Friday, I ride with my wife and the weekends are always long mileage affairs.

One thing is for certain; I manage to fit it in.  No matter what.

This morning we’ve got a 45 mile ride planned and God willing, I’ll surpass my total from 2015…  In October. 

Not that seven or eight thousand miles are a big deal, I know plenty of guys who regularly clock ten thousand or more.  What I like about being able to fit in around 8,000, I mean beyond being fantastically fit, trim and healthy, is that I’ve done it with a fair bit of balance, and without getting too nutty.

Though I haven’t figured out the important word in that last sentence, too or nutty.

Coming up on the close of my sixth year on two wheels, I’m well into my second trip around the planet, at better than 34,000 miles.  It’s amazing how they pile up.  

Done!  7,622 Miles.


  1. Ian says:

    That’s brilliant.. I haven’t managed a thousand this year. Probably my lowest mileage total for a good few years.. I’ve now written the year off but have started to plan ’17 more carefully 🙂

  2. Anon says:

    What do the colours in the columns mean? I’m starting to get my 2017 spreadsheet prepared… it’s going to have a ‘shape’ to it, so my targets are higher in the summer and lower in the winter, what would you say is roughly the right ratio? 2:1 is my current guess

    • bgddyjim says:

      Okay, the yellows are all cycling, different forms. The green is running. Different forms of cycling are, in order least to most miles, Mountain biking, trainer miles, cycling transport and cycling sport.

  3. Definitely an accomplishment to be proud of and for the reason you say. Awesome! Think about another reason to be proud that you mention in this blog — if it were not for you and your wife cooperating, sharing in cycling together, it would have been infinitely more difficult (and frustrating) to get those miles in. That too, is awesome!

  4. Helena Kotala says:

    Nice! It’s certainly a struggle to fit rides in on some days. Good job making it all work!

  5. wanderwolf says:

    Ah!! Too cool. It’s always impressive to see how people balance so many responsibilities and still get in their fun time 🙂

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