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The First Crappy Ride of 2016… Had to Come Sooner or Later.


October 2016

It was supposed to be a perfect weekend.  Three days in a row, 33 to 40 miles a day.

Friday, 34 miles.  Cold, but we got it done and had some fun.

Saturday, 33 miles.  Warm and awesome.  Perfectly enjoyable.  As good as they get for late October.

Then there’s Sunday.  They were calling for rain so we were going to hope for the best and play it as it came.  It started raining at 7:30, just before daybreak.  It rained for two and a half hours.  Then there was waiting for it to dry out.  Mike bailed, then Brad, then Phill.  

My wife and I headed out the door at around 1 pm.  Our road was damp but not wet, and drying.  It was cold though, and with a brisk wind out if the north, it cut right through my thermal jersey.  45 degrees, cloudy, windy… and it started drizzling before we were done with our second mile.

We pressed on anyway and the barely there rain turned out to be short-lived.  The wind, however, was not.  I pulled the first seven miles, a headwind the whole way, and it sucked.  

My wife took the next mile and I took the lead after that, with a tailwind.  I was dressed for weather five to ten degrees colder, even with the tailwind I never really warmed up, though it was nice to climb the longest of the hills as fast as I was riding into the headwind just a couple of miles earlier.

It was home from there and I knew we were going to be short, just fourteen miles.  Under normal circumstances, call those summer, fourteen miles would simply be unacceptable unless it was going to rain.  I’m not a fan of taking an hour to clean and lube my bike, and I am okay with this.  Yesterday, however, was one of those “I just don’t care” days.  We took it home and parked the bikes in the bike room.  Just fifty minutes on the bike.  I’d almost have been happier riding the on trainer with a movie playing.  Almost.

Considering we’re a day away from November, I can live with this being the first crappy ride of the year.  I feel quite lucky we got this far into the year.


  1. Rain and wind are never pleasant. Mix that with cold, not fair.

  2. wanderwolf says:

    Lucky! That this is the first crappy run. I hate wind and rain.

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