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Final Tuesday Night Club Ride of 2016:  Night Ride Edition

It was unbelievably warm yesterday, all day.  I’d planned on playing hooky from work but that didn’t work out.

“Oh, yeah, I want to be my own boss so I can set my own schedule!  Woohoo!”

“Knock, knock.  This is f****n’ reality.  You do get to set your own schedule, and as long as you’re setting it to include more time at work, we’re good.”

I chose to wear a Sugoi Zapata jacket… because I’m an idiot sometimes.  I like the idea that, other than having to wear a jacket, it’s entirely covered with reflective dots… it’s about as close as you can get to a fully reflective as you can get without giving up an arm, leg or both.  I love that jacket… when it’s not 70 degrees outside at the start of the ride.
The problem here is that I didn’t trust the weather report that said the temp would remain stable and only drop to 63 by the time we’d finished.  Oops.

I donned that jacket and knew I was screwed within two miles when I started heating up.  In reaction I unzipped it, and the jacket became a wonderful, reflective parachute.

One thing that is not conducive to cycling fast is wearing a parachute.  Just in case you hadn’t figured this out yet.

Unfortunately, our causal night ride did not remain a casual night ride.  And I was wearing a parachute.  Oh, and if that wasn’t good enough, and it is, I decided that I wanted to make sure I didn’t get dropped when the pace ramped up so I spent way too much time at the front in the last ten miles.  Because sometimes I’m either not too smart or I have a little too much confidence in my abilities as a cyclist.

Long story short, remember that Snickers commercial where the dude playing football turns into Betty White?

Call me Betty.  Not really.

I had nothing left for the sprint by the time it was over.  I held on the best I could but I finished at the tail end of the first group.

Thankfully, I have very cool, graceful friends and it was handshakes and high-fives in the parking lot.

Either way, it was a blast of a ride and we couldn’t have asked for better conditions.  Normally we have to factor in frost bite on the final ride of the season.